Terms and Conditions of Service

1. Inspection Agreement

The client upon making the booking for a property inspection or other services, fully acknowledges having been given the opportunity to read the Terms and Conditions of Service. The client is deemed to have agreed to the conditions prior to the inspection commencing. The agreement sets out specific limitations on the scope of the inspection and on limits that apply in carrying it out.

The report remains the full property of ABEL Building Inspections until paid for in full. We do not provide credit facilities. Reminder notices will be charged at $50.00 each.

2. Purpose of Inspection

The purpose of the inspection is to provide advice and information to the purchaser or other interested party regarding the condition of the property on the date and at the time of the inspection. The report makes no judgement on value or personal circumstances. The property report is deemed to satisfy AS4349-1 2007 - Inspection of Buildings. The report should not be seen as an all-encompassing report dealing with a building from every aspect. Rather, it should be seen as a reusable attempt to identify any defects visible at the time.

3. Disclaimer

Older buildings do not often comply with current building, plumbing, gas and electrical regulations, codes and standards. Observations made may reflect items needing attention to prevent harm or damage to the structure. No comment is made on areas of property where fair wear and tear for age is evident.

The report should be seen as a reasonable attempt to identify any visible defects at the time of the inspection. The report does not cover inaccessible items. The report does not include the identification of unauthorised building work or work not compliant with building regulations. This report is not a certificate of compliance of the property within the requirements of any Act, regulation or local law or by-law. This report is not a warranty against problems developing in the future. Any person who relies upon the contents of this report does so acknowledging that the following clauses both below and at the end of the report. These define the scope and limitations of the inspection and form an integral part of the report. Before you decide to purchase this property you should read and understand all of the information contained herein. If there is anything contained in this report that is not clear or you have difficulty understanding please contact the inspector prior to acting on this report. The extent and thoroughness of the inspection has been limited by way of time, intrusion and risk of doing physical damage to the property being inspected. We have not inspected and parts of the structure which are covered unexposed or inaccessible and are therefore unable to report that any such of the structure is free from defect. Identification of hazardous materials that may be in the building or on or near the property is outside the scope of this inspection. The inspection will limit the reporting of minor defects only on their overall extent. It is not intended to detail each and every minor defect of imperfection.

4. Scope of Inspection

The inspection will comprise of a visual inspection of the property to identify major defects and safety hazards and to form an unbiased opinion regarding the general condition of the property at the time of inspection.

AS 4349.1 – 2007 requires that the basis for comparison is a building of similar age and similar type to the subject building and which is in a reasonable condition, having been adequately maintained over the life of the building. This means that the building being inspected may not comply with Australian Standards, Building Regulations or specific State or territory requirements at the time of inspection.

4.1 Areas of Inspection
  • The full interior of the building including ceilings, walls, floors, windows, doors and frames, paintwork, cabinetry, floor coverings including tiles, shower screens, electrical appliances, sinks, basins, tapware and under floor space (where accessible)
  • The roof space including insulation and structure (where accessible)
  • The full exterior of the building.
  • Roof covering and gutters (where accessible)
  • External areas including drives and fencing, (excluding swimming pools), paths, surface water, retaining walls and detached out buildings.
4.2 Areas Not Inspected
  • Inaccessible parts of the property.
  • Confined spaces.
  • High roofs.
  • Unauthorised building work or work not compliant with building regulations.
  • Parts of the building under construction.
  • Defects only apparent under particular weather conditions.
  • Title and ownership matters or matters concerning easement’s, covenants, restrictions, zoning and all other law related matters.
  • Estimation or any cost for rectification works.

In addition to the items detailed in Terms & Conditions of Service please note that the report does not cover items excluded by the Australian Standard AS 4349.1-2007 including but not limited to the following:

  • Identification of toxic material including asbestos.
  • Swimming pools, spas, rain or grey water tanks.
  • Drainage systems or underground pipework.
  • Footings below ground.
  • Concealed damp proof courses or membranes.
  • Adequacy of roof drainage.
  • Air conditioning units.
  • Automatic garage door mechanisms.
  • Fireplaces or solid fuel heaters.
  • Intercom systems.
  • Ducted vacuum systems.
  • Soft floor coverings.
  • Utility services and appliances.
  • Plumbing and Electrical systems.
  • Health hazards.
  • Lead content.
  • Areas concealed by wall linings or sidings.
  • Landscaping
  • Rubbish
  • Water tanks
  • Furniture and accessories
  • Energy efficiency
  • Lighting efficiency

The report is limited to a visual inspection of areas where safe and reasonable access is available and permitted on the date of the inspection. The inspection will be carried out in accordance with AS4349.1-2007.Areas of the inspection shall cover all safe and accessible areas. It does not report on the condition of engineering, electrical, plumbing, gas or motorized items. It is recommended that an appropriate qualified contractor check out these services prior to purchase.

5. Safe and Reasonable Access

Only areas to which safe and reasonable access is available will be inspected. The minimum clearances for access are outlined below. Reasonable access does not include removing mechanical fixings to access covers nor does it include cutting or making access traps or moving furniture, floor coverings or stored goods or material.

  • Roof interior - Access opening minimum 400mm x 500mm
  • Crawl Space - 600mm x 600mm
  • Roof and gutters exterior - Height accessible from a 3.6m ladder placed on the ground.

6. Our Guarantee

ABEL Building Inspections guarantees to provide our service in a proper and workman like manner and fit for purpose. Our report will be unbiased but our findings will benefit the buyer in securing the property on their terms. If a complaint of our service is received within a reasonable time frame after the report has been received a re-inspection or a part refund may be provided.

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