A roof frame inspection is the final inspection carried out in the build before a practical completion. A roof inspection ensures your property is structurally sound .

The roof framework (supporting structure) can be built using the following methods and materials:

Conventional Roof - This is built onsite by the roof carpenters using timber supplied by one of the various# timber supply companies.

Timber Truss Roof - This is usually used in commercial construction and is built offsite then crane lifted into position prior to being secured.

Metal Truss Roof - This is built off site then lifted into position and secured.

The most common type of roof construction on housing in Western Australia is the Conventional Roof. The reason being is its versatility in being able to work well with unconventional house shapes. However if this type of roof is not constructed as set out in the Australian Standards 1684.2 huge problems can arise in future years.

Our report provides a comprehensive overview of the following (but not limited to) areas:

  • Correct timber used as per the addenda. (H2 treated, CCA treated pine etc.)
  • Correct beam sizes as per the engineering plans
  • Correct joist and rafter centres
  • Correct spans being used
  • Hanger and under purlin positions
  • Correct strutting positions and cut outs
  • Correct tie downs and hanging straps
  • Correct collar ties and fixing methods being used to rafters, joists and tin batons
  • Correct positions of bulkheads
  • Check welding to cavity columns and methods of securing to roof frame
  • Checking eaves sheets, fascia‚Äôs and barge boards

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