Ten Reasons Why You Should Have A Building Inspection

Whether you are looking for peace of mind or considering a renovation project, a building inspection will guide you on the right path.

1. The most popular reason why customers have an independent building inspection done by ABEL Building Inspections Perth is the comfort in knowing that a well-documented defect inspection report supported by the Australian Standards and the Building Codes of Australia will hold sway when dealing with sellers and builders.

2. Every report written by ABEL Building Inspections Perth is thorough whether it is a basic report or a premium report. Photographs are also taken to identify the issues found. These can be kept on record if needed at a later date.

3. Not all errors or mistakes are easily identified even by someone who has a keen eye for detail, unfortunately, most structural or engineering defects don’t get spotted until an issue or a failure appears. We at ABEL Building Inspections Perth offer a full health check on the condition of the property.

4. Regular maintenance is always the best solution to keeping a pre-owned property at its best. Similar to a car service, without a regular service the car would break down.ABEL Building Inspections Perth quite often finds pre-owned properties in need of a maintenance service. I'm sure you would agree that prior to investing your hard-earned money in securing your dream home it would be comforting to know if a service is needed. A Pre-purchase building inspection by ABEL Building Inspections Perth would help you to decide whether the seller should be contributing cost towards the service.

5.Every independent building inspection conducted by ABEL Building Inspections Perth finds error and fault of some description. Nonetheless, this does not mean that the home has been badly built. Even the better builders frequently make mistakes because of the nature of building. However, most builders and sellers will rectify errors without argument when confronted with a written and photographic report.

6. A lot of older homes tend to have maintenance needs. Our report will identify what is reasonably expected to be deemed as a fault depending on the age of the property against properties of a similar age and type in the same area.

7. Structural errors on new homes are best recorded whilst the home is in its earlier stages of the build. From slab down to roof completion is where most structural mistakes are made. These mistakes can turn into a nightmare for the owner of the property if undetected prior to being covered over by brickwork, plaster, roof coverings, and ceilings without ready access. Even if the builder honors the structural warranty, the upheaval and inconvenience these types of mistakes can cause cannot be measured.ABEL Building Inspections Perth offers a full hold point inspection at all stages of a newly built house.

8. Older homes quite often suffer from the old Do It Yourself bug. Plumbing, electrics, and tiling are common among DIY'ers. Usually, DIY work looks okay at face value, however, electricians and plumbers are registered trades and alterations to this type of workmanship normally needs to be certified. An inspection by ABEL Building Inspections Perth can detect shoddy works making sure you are not left with unwanted costs for DIY projects gone wrong.

9. New homes come with an extended warranty on structural defects that carry over from one owner to the next. If a structural defect is found during an inspection for you by ABEL Building Inspections Perth and the warranty is still in effect it would be easier for you to inform the seller to take this up with the builder prior to you signing off on the purchase.

10. Swimming pools and termite infestation are another big-ticket money loss if an issue goes undetected prior to purchasing the property. It is not hard to mask issues regarding these two items. Without a thorough inspection of the roof frame and crawl space areas on older houses, termite infestation may not surface until the damage becomes irreversible needing demolition. Swimming pools, especially in older properties, can often be illegal because of regulations regarding fencing. An independent building inspection by ABEL Building Inspections Perth can put your mind at rest.

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